joi, 9 martie 2017

Don’t feel ashamed of the language you speak

Should I use English for my blog? This question naturally arises in everyone’s head. Of course the wish to be understood by more people makes one English-ify his/her website or blog. Some of them may focus exclusively on English as if this would be their mother tongue. By doing so, we would kill all other languages. By doing so, we would fail to transmit the thoughts in the languages we understand best. Moreover, English is not a perfect language. I know several languages, being fluent in three, but I feel indeed most comfortable in expressing myself when I do it just in two languages, and none of them is English. Negative impact felt? I suppose so, because of less outreach. However, I suppose others would use automated translation tools when reading my blog/site, as I do when reading others. And yes, from time to time, as salt in food, a little bit of English will be present in blog volens nolens. Don’t feel ashamed of the language you speak!

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